Practically Unlimited Botox Membership

Practically Unlimited Botox Membership

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✅ Start Your Practically Unlimited Botox Membership Now!

🚨 We have multiple membership options, with monthly or discounted annual payment options. This $99 Registration will cover your FIRST Month — it is our LOWEST possible Membership price across all options. After purchase, we will call you to get you setup with the membership that is most appropriate for you!

📈 All purchases are based on a 12-month commitment.

👉 This purchase will give you access to our soonest available Botox appointment. It also gives you instant access to membership perks like 10% OFF Filler and all other cosmetic treatments we offer!! 😱

🥳 Once you come in, we will set up your contract so you can get Practically Unlimited Botox all year round!

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  1. Practically Unlimited Botox can only be used on: 11s, Crow's Feet, Forehead, Lip Flip
  2. Practically Unlimited Botox Membership includes up to 160 units per year
  3. Any additional units needed will be charged at a discounted rate of $12 per unit
  4. Amount of units administered per appointment will be determined at the sole discretion of a Sperling Dermatology expert
  5. Practically Unlimited Botox Membership requires a one-year contract—if you cancel mid-contract, previously used Botox will be charged at current retail price, determined at the sole discretion of Sperling Dermatology
  6. Practically Unlimited Botox can be redeemed for Botox or Dysport products only
  7. Sperling Dermatology reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or change this program at any time at its sole discretion
  8. All Practically Unlimited Botox Members must select a primary Sperling location, and appointment availability will be limited to certain days of the month, to be determined by Sperling Dermatology at its sole discretion