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1. Voluma – The ideal product for treating hollowness in the cheeks. Voluma helps restore lost facial volume underneath the surface of the skin, lifting the cheeks. This creates comprehensive rejuvenation in the mid-face. 
· Typically lasts 24 months. Cost: $1000/syringe

2. Vollure – Designed to tackle aesthetic issues like lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. Vollure reduces the appearance of these common aesthetic issues by filling them in, which gives the surface of the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.
· Typically lasts 18 months. Cost: $750/syringe

3. Juvederm Ultra Plus – Similar to Juvederm Ultra, the formula of Juvederm Ultra Plus has a larger particle size that makes it last longer than Juvederm Ultra. Juvederm Ultra Plus typically provides results that last for nine to twelve months.
· Typically lasts 12 months. Cost: $650/syringe

4. Juvederm Ultra – A great product for giving the lips a noticeably fuller appearance. If you’re tired of your thin lips and want plump and unforgettable lips, Juvederm Ultra is for you. It’s also great for addressing the nasolabial folds, which stretch from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the nose.
· Typically lasts 12 months. Cost: $650/syringe